Inktober # 7 – Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination


So, moving away from the more British/European focused history, here’s a bit for you Americans (would have done so sooner, but then America’s not really that old is it). 2015 sees the 150 anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. A sad moment to remember, but an important one nonetheless. John Wilkes Booth’s1 plan to assassinate the president could only have been made easier had it occurred during a Pantomime where, if anyone had spotted him, the warning call of “He’s behind you” would have only resulted in Abe’s responding “Oh no he isn’t” (Do you even have Panto’s in America??). My insensitivity aside, Abraham Lincoln will always be remembered for saving the Union from civil war, abolishing slavery, strengthening the American government and for his role in Night at the Museum 2 (sorry couldn’t resist). Who knows what he could have achieved with a little more time? A truly great President.


1. As far as I know I’m not related to John Wilkes Booth, as I’m also not related to William and Catherine Booth who founded the Salvation Army. I’m hoping one day to get famous and for the BBCs ‘Who do you think you are?’ to prove me wrong


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