Inktober 2015 #6 – Waterloo


So my Inktober day 6 commemorates the battle of Waterloo. I was undecided as to what to draw and in the end decided to follow a fairly famous depiction of Sergeant Charles Ewart of the Royal Scots Greys who managed to capture the eagle standard of the French 45th Infantry during the course of the battle. Waterloo is full of small stories of individual feats of “bravery”. But for the French it was another day in a year ending in ’15 when they should’ve beaten their cross-channel adversaries (and their allies this time, it must be said) and didn’t. (And again, a battle where the weather didn’t help too much – for some reason rain doesn’t seem to affect the English too much).

One of the best Waterloo related stories, however, happened this year (the original version can be found here). Earlier this year, Belgium suggested that Europe should commemorate Napoleon’s defeat with a specially minted €2 coin. But, the move was vetoed by France who, for some reason, didn’t like the idea of remembering what happened 200 yrs ago. However, those cheeky Belgians found a way around France’s protests. EU regulations stipulate that a country can issue commemorative coins within their own borders if the coin was of a non-standard denomination. So at the beginning of June, this year, Belgium minted 70,000 €2.50 coins commemorating the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. Yet another battle the French seem to have lost!


(PS. reminds me of that good old “French military victories” Google Bomb haha, classic)


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