The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 27 – The Possible Impossible

Blog #70 - 27.09.2015

‘Things always seem impossible until they’re done” — Nelson Mandela

Like most things Nelson Mandela said the above statement is true. But I think in life, whenever we talk about impossibilities or struggles which can be overcome we always seem to draw analogies with physical exertion. Climbing mountains, swimming oceans, running marathons or overcoming physical illness. Sometimes impossibilities take a more work based form, finishing a project, meeting a deadline, becoming qualified or whatever else. And while these possible impossibilities are commendably overcome on a regular basis, I often feel that on a day-to-day basis, those things we most often need to overcome are not tangible or physical but rather mental.

Mental illness might the first thing to jump to many minds, but I’m not just talking about that (although that may be one facet – but at the same time I recognise that mental illness like many physical illnesses are things that you that cannot, necessarily, be overcome but rather endured, treated and coped with). But things like regret, feelings of inadequacy or inferiority, feelings of loss/hurt/failure or simply a lack of belief can represent an Everest in many people’s lives.

To some extent, that’s what today’s comic is about. Each one of us lives, to a lesser or greater extent, with some sort of emotional/mental burdens and how we deal with these burdens, whether we choose to let it weigh us down or not, can greatly alter what we are able to achieve. But just as I know that these things can weigh us down, I also know each of us has it within ourselves (sometimes not without a little help) to overcome things that it seems impossible to overcome. To move on with our lives, to discover our true potential and give that burden a metaphorical punch in the face… metaphorical because as far as I’m aware it’s impossible to punch abstract concepts (let me know if I’m wrong on that one).

So with an unusually serious tone, let’s remember that each of us has a potential within ourselves which is beyond our wildest imaginations. Just like you might not be able to conceive of a life without your burdens, I think each of us cannot possibly comprehend what life has in store for us if we do the do the impossible and get rid of those problems that so easily get us down. Let them shape our present, but not define our future.

So here’s for getting up from the dust and punching emotional and mental baggage in the face!! Huzzah!!



Postscript: This should have been a motivational Monday post, but alas!! Friday’s are pretty good days for motivation as well. Either way it’s dedicated to the real people behind my superheroes.  

I’m not sure where the blog will go from here (don’t worry this isn’t I think it’s all over). I was hoping to participate in Inktober this year, but I’ve already missed day 1 and with a Ph.D to finish before Christmas it might be too much to take on. If Inktober does materialise, there will be some sort of random daily(ish) posts on the blog and I’ll be leaving you with a cliff hanger for the storyline until November.

(WHAT!! I hear you cry, you can’t leave J.T. unconscious with Jimbo standing right there until November… but I can and I might – and you thought King Knightmare was evil mwahahaha)

Either way keep an eye on the blog and we’ll what’s in store! There’s not much longer before Ninja Phil and Jimbo will meet in their final epic confrontation!!



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