Inktober 2015 #1 – Magna Carta

Inktober #1

So 800 years ago a document was created that will be remembered in history as a statement of freedom. In reality it comes across as more of a list of demands to stop an apparently overbearing king from stealing money and stopping people from fishing. In reality, the original Magna Carta’s shelf life was less than a tin of beans (agreed in June 1215, news that Pope Innocent III had declared it void had reached England by September… so really not long at all. Though let’s be honest, beans last forever really).

Ok sure, it was repeatedly reissued and modified and it’s certainly the case that it had an impact on law making across the world and there are some ideas in it that have stood the test of time (trial by peers for example). But really, what makes Magna Carta so influential is what it has come to stand for, namely that through a written articulation of political ideas a higher power could (in theory) be held to account.  

So even if us Brits don’t perhaps appreciate Magna Carta as much as say you Americans do, it’s more than worth remembering. So for my first Inktober submission I thought it appropriate to commemorate its inception.

#1. 800 years since Magna Carta.



Postscript: I’ve started so I’ll finish. Hahaha! After the umming and ahhing this morning I’ve decided to take part in Inktober 2015. So what is Inktober?? Inktober is designed to help you practice your “inking” skills, essentially your ability to draw using inks of various types. The idea is that during the month of October you draw one picture a day, giving a grand total of 31 at the end of the month. For many it’s an opportunity to get away from digital drawing pads or practice some skills. 

As for me, I’m using it as an opportunity to remind myself that I used to be able to draw once upon a time. Ok, so I was no master artist, but I was alright, at least I was happy with the end results. So over the next 4 weeks I’ll be doing my best to put out a drawing a day. 

Also, seeing as I’m a historian by trade I thought I’d follow a historical theme. There have been tonnes of things to commemorate in 2015, from the founding of the Women’s Institute to the Battle of Waterloo. So I’ll be doing my best to represent these in my work and provide a little blurb to go with them. Of course, remember history is about interpretation and I’m sure some will have a different slant on things to what I do (i.e. don’t quote anything I say here 😉 ).

So sit back, relax and watch as I work through 800 yrs of history over the next 31 days!

(unless of course you’re desperate for comics then sorry, you’ll have to wait till November to find out what happens to J.T. 😛 ) 


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