The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 26 – Nightmares

Blog #69 - 13.09.2015

That’s right everyone, it’s time to admit it… I’m scared of moths. Ok so like I’m not having a panic attack anytime I’m near one and I can deal with the smaller ones, but if I end up in a room with a sizable moth it’s like “Alright you furry, erratically moving, half-mouse, half-butterfly, clothes eating monster, one of us is not going to leave this room alive”. Sure, most of you reading this what!? Moths!? But I seriously hate them. 

Once I had a dream about a moth, the hairy monster was flying straight for my face and I did the only thing that I believed would save me and that was swing a punch at the beast. The only thing was, it turned out that this punch was not a dream punch, but a kind of the sleep-walking punch equivalent. In my dream/nightmare my fist smashed that moth in the face, in real life it was my sleeping wife’s face that got the punch… whoops (don’t worry I apologise profusely to this day).

Lesson: never take a fear “rational” or “irrational” for granted. 

Anyone else out there got any odd fears/phobias/recurring nightmares?



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