The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 23 – Perspective

Blog #66 - 16.08.2015

Perspective is always important and when we’re constantly having to pick sides in the modern world, it’s sometimes easy to stigmatise advocates of other ways of thinking and hard to take a step back and think about things from other people’s perspective. Ok, sure sometimes you take that step back and your seeming opponents are still brain-dead fanatics or just simple morons. But sometimes you realise, “hold on a minute maybe they’re are not as much a lunatic as I first thought”. The same goes for situations, it can be hard to think rationally about a situation when you’re surrounded by muck and bullets. Perspective is always important.

One thing I sometimes think about is in my comics I’m constantly beating pirates into a plump and throwing them into prison… just because they’re are pirates. In fact, all bad guys seem to get quite a bad run of things. I mean, maybe they were forced to apply for the job of minion because otherwise the job centre would have cut their job seekers allowance. Maybe it’s the only way they can afford to pay for Grannie’s medical bills. It’s not their fault that their employer is a heartless megalomaniac obsessed with world domination and infinite wealth and power (though maybe they should have researched the company a little more before going to interview).

Either way, let’s take a moment to think from the perspective of the grunts and remember that they might not be all that bad. Really, they just want to get paid and not to get punched in the face, but then the face-punching isn’t likely to stop any time soon… sorry guys.



Postscript: That moment when you promise several comics and just deliver one… oh dear. Well, I’ve finished drawing another and that’ll be up mid-week (that’s a definite this time). But the schedule may be a bit over the place over the next week (if it’s not already) as I continue my efforts to try and catch up with where I should be. Thanks as always for the support.



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