The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 22 – FIGHT!!!

Blog #65 - 09.08.2015

Who would win in a fight between Superheroes and Pirates? Only one way to find out… FIGHT!!!

Just thought I’d have a break from the panels and just draw a single larger image… twas a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy!



Postscript: Sooo, I’ve found it pretty hard to find the time to get around to finishing comics over the last few weeks, as such I’m behind schedule (yes, despite the seeming haphazard nature of my posting I do have a schedule), so I’m determined to try and get on top of things this week. All things being well (famous last words there) I’m going to try to finish not one, not two… but three comics this coming week. And they’re all going to be corkers. So stay tuned! The more people I know are out there reading these, the more drive I have to get things finished on time 😉 so help me out guys…. please…. don’t make me beg… ok PLEEEEEASE!!!


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