The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 19 – Ball Pool Politics

Blog #62 - 19.07.2015

As with all politics that turned nasty pretty quickly. But let’s be honest Adam did deserve it… probably… perhaps… OK knocking out a child with a plastic ball is probably definitely not cool, but hey at least they’ve found the entrance to Captain Jimbo’s base! (Don’t worry I’ll make sure Cheesecake Boy apologises… eventually).

Come back Sunday to find out what’s in store for our intrepid superheroes as they enter the belly of the the beast.



Postscript: Over the coming week’s I’ll be reworking some of my earlier stuff. There’ll be no re-drawing involved but I’ll be re-scanning and doing the digital side of things to make my earlier stuff a little more in line with the current comics. I’ll post a link to which ones I’ve edited on Sunday in my postscript, I’ll also be putting the word out on social media, so if you’re on facebook or twitter you can find out a little earlier what’s going on on the site.


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