The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 18 – Pirate Play

Blog #61 - 10.07.2015

So if you’re a parent of an appropriately aged child you’ll have been to a play centre with a ball pool. It’s always difficult not to jump around excitedly alongside your kid, because following years of waiting having exceeded the height limit aged 10, you’re finally allowed to once again enter the play area in order to “accompany” your son/daughter.

But you soon become aware of a child, that child, the child who’s obviously too old to be there, whose parent is oblivious to their existence because of coffee and cakes and conversations, and who delights in essentially being downright annoying. Various activities annoy me, climbing up slides (and the subsequent blockages) is one of them, but above all is when said child decides that it’s cool to pelt and verbally abuse all of the other kids who clearly don’t want to be pelted with balls from the ball pool! Grrr!

The worst was when my then almost two year old son was sat in a ball pool, along with other poor victims, as another older child thought it was fun to bounce a space hooper off their heads (not sat on it of course). I don’t know what annoys me more, the complete lack of an ability to play nicely, or the fact that you’re forced to tell off someone else’s kid (although you can’t actually tell me off, you just have to say in a patronising voice “oh that’s not very nice now is it?” because you can guarantee the one time you actually did tell them off would be the one their temporarily absentee parent would actually be paying attention and you’d end up in blazing row).

Let’s hope Cheesecake boy gives this boy his comeuppance.



Postscript: I’ve been in Leeds all this week at a conference and a Sunday early evening nap meant I missed out on precious comicing time on Sunday night. Hence the late posting. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this coming Sunday’s comic done by Sunday, if not by early next week, that is as long as the 1 month old allows it 😉  


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