Happy Fathers’ Day! (or you say one thing, they think another)

Fathers' Day

One thing I’ve found from being a Dad, is it’s not too hard to make your kids think you’re amazing, without really trying it sometimes! The above comic was based on real events. Of course, my son is two so he didn’t say what I’ve reported him as saying, but the look he gave my wife when I told him that I’d ‘ridden on the top of the bus today’ said all that and more. Almost as good when I got back from London the other day (after a three day conference). My wife and kids were waiting for me at the train station (they’d also dropped me off) and my son was convinced that I’d just been sat on a train the entire time. The first thing he said, after he’d given me a hug, was ‘You get off the train now Dad?’ So all in all being a Dad is pretty cool!

A Happy Fathers’ Day to all you Dad’s out there. Hope it is/has treated you nicely.



Postscript: Another filler until I get time to finish the next episode, it’s like 90% complete and I could have finished it but I thought you’d enjoy this for the time being. If you enjoy this sort of thing you should definitely check out Lunar Baboon. He’s like the paragon of webcomic Dads! Till next week.


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