Exam Marking…

Blog 14.06.2015

Some caveats before I begin: 1. The exams I have marked this year have been a very good standard overall. 2. It’s not the answers that cause the above represented effects… it’s just the volume of papers that need marking and the fact that students all like to answer the same question…

With that said, I hate exam marking and this week’s comic represents the wide range of emotions you go through if you’re marking over several days:

1. Enthusiasm (You always start off thinking you’ll have this nailed down in a few days)

2. Boredom (Can’t believe it’s already taken this long and please no one else answer a question the Vikings)

3. Despair (they just keep coming, they just keep coming)

4. Rage (I swear if I have to mark another Black Death question I’ll weaponise it and release it on campus)

5. Lunacy (I feel pretty, oh so feel pretty , I feel pretty and witty and bright)

6. Death (Ok, not physical, but it feels that way!)

So yeah, that’s been my weeks for the last few. One of my many excuses for not posting, another one being the very enjoyable conference I attended over the last few days and the final being very good news of the arrival of a new baby girl in our household called Daphne. Naturally with a PhD to finish on top of things comics have dropped right to the bottom of the priority list. I’ve got a half-finished episode waiting to be coloured, but in the meantime I’ll occupy you a few little strips to tie you over (calm down I meant comic strips).



Postscript: And if anyone fancies doing a guest strip for me drop me a message 🙂


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