The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 16 – The Haribo Brothers ride forth…

Blog #59 - 24.05.2015

On a Zebra magically enchanted by a Tortoise I might add! This week’s episode introduces the trusty pets of the Super Haribo Brothers – Skurtle the Turtle (not to be confused with Squirtle) and Zebo the Zebra. Without giving away too much both animals suffered from traumatic animal experimentation inflicted by sweet companies before being liberated by the Brothers. 

Zebo is a Zebra reconstructed entirely using oreos. And Skurtle was the product of experimentation involving a Tortoise and some Skittles – retaining all the magic of the rainbow in the process. In fact, both were the product of the wonderful imaginations of my nephews. I even have the concept art for Skurtle right here…

Blog #59003

Come back next week to see if the team can find out where Captain Jimbo is hiding.



Postscript: Can you tell I got fed up of the colour black, what with all those suits I’ve had to colour in the last weeks.


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