The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 13 – Running Scared!

Blog #56 - 03.05.2015

Only four days left and I reckoned it was about time this election got spiced up a little… so I thought Nigel Farage getting taken down by a Ninja would do the trick! Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see that. Having said that, in all honesty if the current party leaders were attacked by a Ninja, Farage would be the one fighting. For all his nutty cringe-worthy remarks, he fights a fight a lot better than the rest.

That doesn’t, however, do anything to resolve the problem that a lot of the things he’s reported or seen saying is either borderline or just plain racist. I think it’s fair to say that most people won’t be voting for him. 

I imagine some people by now will have a very clear idea of who they are voting for, others might be beginning to lean one way or another (myself amongst them) and there will be, I’m sure, a vast majority of people who will probably make their mind up with a pen in hand and a ballot paper in front of them. Well here’s my advice for the undecided voter; a step-by-step guide to choosing which way you vote (it’s served me well in the past).

Step 1. Go to the BBC policy guide, which provides a nice simple compilation of all the major party’s views on certain subjects.

Step 2. Work through each key issue (using the drop down box) reading each party’s stand point on the issue.

Step 3. After reading the stand points from each issue, give the party’s who will be represented in your constituency (if you’re not sure I find this website quite a useful resource) a score of between 1 to 5, 5 being the one you liked the best 1 the one you least liked (if there’s more than 5 someone’s losing out). For particularly important issues (Health and Care for me, but it might be something else for you like the Economy or Rural Affairs) you might double the score.

Step 4. After you’ve been through all the policies add up the scores and whoever gets the highest you vote for them… ok maybe not that simple, but it should give you a fairly good guide as to which way your leaning politically.

Of course, promises and actions do not necessarily correlate in the real world, that’s just the sad nature of politics and you will need to listen out for other sources of information to assist you (especially think about what your local candidates are like if you are aware of who they are). Just remember that who you vote for is your decision and not that of your overly opinionated friend. I’m sure you might look into it and find out you agree, but “democratic” elections aren’t about being swept away by the tide of public opinion but you choosing yourself who you think will represent you in government.

Most importantly, the process I outline will take all of half-an-hour to finish and therefore “not knowing what’s best” is no excuse of not voting. I might not be the best informed or most knowledgeable about politics, but one thing I will say is that everyone should make sure they get on down to the polling station on Thursday and tick a box (or hand in an empty ballot paper if you want). It’s not that hard to find out what you think.

Anyone else have any ways of figuring out who you’re going to vote for (apart from flipping a coin)?



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