The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 12 – On Arguments and Entrances

Blog #55 - 19.04.2015

Dramatic entrances are always cool… I imagine though that Ninja Phil might be giving the wrong impression here. Anyone else get that vibe?



Postscript: The election stories that inspired this week’s blog (not including the fact that politicians seem to get paid an awful lot and that all they seem to do is shout and talk over each other without really saying anything at all, I mean watching a session of Parliament is like listening to a debate club filled with football supporters and churchill dogs). Sorry, the election stories that inspired this week’s blog…

Cameron’s head-on-desk pose was inspired by the same pose he inspired in a girl during a recent primary school visit.

Miliband’s face is homage to his ‘Oh please’ face (the best I can do, it really does defy drawing as well as words) form the recent BBC election debate (scroll down a bit for the real thing) – the chicken name calling came again here too.

Farage’s question was inspired by an actual question asked to the Prime Minister during a interview with young Newsround (a kids News programme) viewers.

Nick Clegg spent the week going on Zip Wires and Bowling (among other things).

And Ed Miliband proved that if the election was going to be decided on a pool game, he’d win.

And I think the Bennett and Farage references should be fairly obvious. Well the Farage one is, the Bennett one is a few weeks late but then that might be appropriate in and of itself.

Enjoy! Just over two weeks to the big day!


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