The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 11 – The ‘New Wellingtons’ Initiative

Blog #54 - 13.04.2015

So Marvel have The Avengers and DC have the Justice League and the UK has… well nothing really. I suppose you we should claim Alan Moore’s the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (let’s be honest anything Moore is gold dust), but somehow us Brits seem to be lacking in the superhero department. But all is not lost whilst you Americans were enjoying Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, us Brits were enjoying Super Ted, Bananaman and Danger Mouse.

So the question is with the Age of Ultron about to be released, who would win in a fight between the Avengers and the Challengers?

[For the sake of clarification by Avengers I mean: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye]

[Challengers: Super Ted, Bananaman, Danger Mouse, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond]

Of course, my dreams of assembling such a team will never happen as the government’s liable to just cut the funding for it… If you were to put together a Superhero dream team who would be in it?



Postscript: Here follows a special sub-post which I have entitled…

On the Naming of Super Hero Groups

Some of the more observant amongst you while have noticed that a fortnight ago Cameron announced (in the comic not real life) that the Superhero project was in fact called ‘The Defenders Initiative’. Well subsequent research revealed something I had not known before, that Marvel had already put together a group of Super Heroes and called them the Defenders. In fact it quickly became apparent that every obvious name has been taken by someone and used.

Thus, I needed to find a new name and anyway, all the other names I might have chosen were very American. I needed something quintessentially British.

My immediate thought was the Bulldogs, but then that’s too slobbery and no one actually owns a Bulldog in the UK, except the insurance company. This got me thinking, what about famous British figures? Churchill? Too Second World War. Cromwell? Too rage against the machine. Nelson? He’s (h)armless (insert sound of two drums and a cymbal falling off a roof).

Hold on though, Churchill and Cromwell were also names of British tanks, was there inspiration to be found here? Chieftain was too American Indian and Crusader is a word that doesn’t sit well with everyone. Conqueror was to colonial, you know Rule Britannia, and Challenger like they’d try really hard and fail. So I went back to famous individuals and realised I’d missed out Wellington.

But I couldn’t just call them the Wellington’s, it needed something else… and then it came to me!

The New Wellingtons!!

Perfect. Us Brits seem to have a knack of thinking up code names for things and not realising that everyone will be laughing at us. Back to the tank idea here, while the Germans named their tanks Tiger and Panther, we were going for Matilda and Valentine. There’s also something quirky about it. So whilst the politicians are thinking yeah, new Dukes of Wellington to rid the world of modern Napoleons, everyone else is thinking of Paddington Bear.

So there we have it. Also an insight into to how my brain functions when it’s not thinking about Historical stuff (although the process isn’t that dissimilar) and how hard it is to original in the world of comics (that’s why I rarely try).

Don’t forget to vote… New Wellingtons or the Avengers?!


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