Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all! I hope you’re having a good day and not over doing it too much with chocolate. This comic, I hope, proves beyond reasonable doubt that Easter Bunnies are hardcore (although I’m sure the fact that Hugh Jackman did the voice for the Easter Bunny in ‘Rise of the Guardians’ should have done that already).

That aside, we should always remember Easter isn’t just about Easter Bunnies and Chocolates. Or about New beginnings (!religion alert!) but about a special event many years ago…


He is not here; He is risen!

And it’s important to remember what this means to us all. For some it might not mean a lot, but to me I know it means a great deal.

Of course, if you’re an atheist, or simply not the religious type then by all means make the most of the excuse to eat more chocolate than you have sense, and all power to you in doing it!

Happy Easter all!



Postscript: Anyone wondering who the little old man is should really learn the ‘In a cottage’ song… please don’t make me sing it!


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