The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 10 – Hell Yes!!

Blog #52 - 29.03.2015

The election campaigns have officially started today with parliament being dissolved (unfortunately not literally) and the question is what have we learnt so far?

  • Ed Miliband has now (inadvertently) got a new catchphrase: “Hell Yes”
  • Scum has now been added to the list of names politicians call normal people (alongside Bigot and Pleb)
  • David Cameron has two shredded wheat for breakfast (because three is just sometimes too much, although I must say I find one bad enough)
  • Alex Salmond still thinks he’s in charge of the SNP (and seems to be trying to scare English people into voting Conservative so we don’t have a coalition with Scots in it)
  • It’s apparently alright to chase a man and his family out of a pub whilst they’re harmlessly eating lunch because we don’t like his political opinions (although I do agree Farage needs a good chasing… not like that though)
  • Natalie Bennett doesn’t like talking on the radio
  • Ed Miliband has more kitchens than most people
  • Politicians must be reading this blog… because since I complained about not getting any information from parties, my letterbox has been jam packed full of flyers. The funniest of which was this…

David Cameron the Apprentice

(Ok, so I may have tampered with that one a little)

Although this may be beginning to help me form some opinions, the biggest issue I have is that if they keep this up the council are going to have to find some way to make my bin/recycling collections weekly again. Otherwise, I just won’t cope.

So do we know already? Actually very little that we didn’t know three months ago. Am I anymore decided than I was a fortnight ago… not in the slightest. Let’s hope the next five weeks are more enlightening otherwise the Monsters are going to be looking less loony by the second.



Postscript: There will be Ninja again soon I promise…


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