The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 8 – I Predict a Riot!!

Blog #50 - 08.03.2015

I think it’s a sad fact that in the UK we don’t know how to protest. For us protesting usually involves, first of all getting unhappy about something; second, going out on the streets; third, trying to loot as much high end goods as possible from the high street; and finally trying to beat up as many police as possible. 

Of course, I appreciate that in these circumstances it’s usually the minority getting involved in these sorts of things and that the media seem to like to focus on that element to make the protesters out to be ruthless thugs but still. Even if it is only a minority saying “Everyone meet up at PC World at 7:30 on Monday to have a riot and steal a TV” it is hardly a rational response to the government raising tuition fees or to government cuts.

(Disclaimer: GCHQ if you are reading this, I am not organising a riot, or inciting people to violence or public disorder. The 7:30 idea was an example not a suggestion and I do not recommend or condone any following that suggestion as I don’t want to end up in court… like this guy)

I mean come on guys, maybe if we try and protest en masse in some non-violent manner we might actually get somewhere. Just saying in case things don’t go too well in May…



Postscript: Yes we’re continuing with the politics, more politician related banter is on the way and I can see why people take up satire. Politicians are the easiest people in the world to poke fun at… no wonder no likes them. (Except of course, Boris Johnson… everyone loves him right?)

Hopefully, the next post will be up soon (I’m a week behind really), but then I pile of essays I’ve got to mark by Wednesday…


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