Train Phone Calls

Blog 47001


So I spend about 5hrs on a train a week and well I see a lot of conversations like this. We all know how it goes down… every single time. And yet every time it happens the person on the phone gets so irate. We should all know by now that when someone calls you on the train the chances of the conversation being taken to its intended conclusion is pretty much nil. The funniest bit of it is the person on the phone desperately trying to explain to the person who can’t hear them that they’re on the train and then the repeated futile attempts to ring back. Just remember people, there’s no point calling someone on a train.



Postscript: So I’ve been frantically trying to get the conclusion of the Catch the Parrot storyline finished (should have been done last Sunday), but today, on the cusp of completion I lost my black crayon (just found it a moment ago under the sofa). Of all the crayons to lose when drawing a comic about Ninja is the black and yet I seem to lose that one all the time. So I finished this one of early off instead. Hopefully get the comic up tomorrow.


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