The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 1 – E.T. Phones home

Blog #43 - 04.01.2015

So the New Year starts with a bang! (or a Boom rather… Happy New Year by the way).

Hope you’re all looking forward to another year of Ninja Phil & friends goodness. Thanks to your votes I decided to start this year’s frivolities off with the resolution of a question that’s been hanging over the story line since the very beginning of Part I of the Adventures of Ninja Phil… what ever happened to E.T?

Yes, I know the aliens depicted in Spielberg’s masterpiece are peace loving biologists, but living in a universe populated by Wookies and Sith Lords (considering their appearance in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) they have to have some sort of armament on those science vessels.

Well he’s made his Great Escape, thanks to the good old prison phone call and some air support. And I think that there’s an important lesson to be learnt here. Even if you’re a good upstanding office of the law, smoking and eating too many doughnuts is liable to get you blown up by aliens. So that’s what the doctors mean when they say smoking is bad for your health.



Postscript: Next week we move straight ahead to the reader’s 2nd choice… Catch the Parrot. (Sorry if you’re going to be disappointed if Dastardly and Muttley don’t make an appearance)


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