On the twelfth day of Christmas a Ninja sent to me (all together now!)…

12th Day

Twelve drummers, yummy! eleven pirates fighting, ten old men sleeping, nine elves-a-dancing, eight icicles sparkling, seven santas singing, six heroes playing….


four mutant ninja, three gummi bears, two vigilantes… and a Pirate chasing E.T.!!!

And so we conclude our countdown to Christmas with one of the best things about Christmas day, the Turkey dinner. There’s nothing I enjoy more than the crisp roast potatoes, roasted parsnips, pigs in blankets and succulent turkey. Your Christmas dinner may look different but it’s still just as tasty.

Let’s be honest though. When the turkey is craved up and distributed anyone who ends up with one of the turkey drummers (i.e. the legs) feels like they got a bit of a bum deal. After all its the white meat everyone’s after. There’s only one way you can really top that…

My nephew said to his Mum this year, “If we have to have turkey for Christmas can we just have turkey dinosaurs?” Turkey dinosaurs?! Sounds like the best Christmas ever!

Whatever you end up eating, I hope you enjoy it!



Postscript: Colour and a final Merry Christmas to follow tomorrow. Only just got back from my family visiting.

Plus full marks to anyone who can spot all 12 turkey drummers in the pic.


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