On the eleventh day of Christmas a Ninja sent to me…

11th&12th Day002

Eleven pirates fighting, ten old men sleeping, nine elves-a-dancing, eight icicles sparkling, seven santas singing, six heroes playing… THE A-VEN-GERS!

Four mutant ninja, three Gummi bears, two vigilantes and a pirate chasing E.T.

You can guarantee that if pirates aren’t fighting ninja then they will be fighting each other. Another thing you can be pretty sure of is that Christmas won’t go by without there being some sort of falling out between everyone. As much as Christmas should be a happy, peaceful time of year, the expectations of present buying and entertaining means that we can be pretty stressed out. And stress often only comes out in one way (and I don’t mean the toilet).

So let’s all try to all chill out this Christmas and try enjoy this time of year without attempting to tear each other apart over a present…



Postscript: So I’m actually away visiting family today (I can assure you though there has been nothing but tranquility and happiness, no fighting) and I totally forgot I would be without a scanner tonight. So the pic taken from my phone will have to do for the time being… I’ll make sure a scanned, coloured version hits the press as soon as I’ve finished making merry with family. After all that’s one thing Christmas is all about.


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