On the tenth day of Christmas a Ninja sent to me…

10th Day

Ten old men sleeping, nine elves-a-dancing, eight icicles sparkling, seven santas singing, six heroes playing,

THE A-VEN-GERS, four mutant ninja, three gummi bears, two vigilantes and a pirate chasing E.T.

So Christmas is about traditions. We each have our own things we like to do on that special day each year but there are some universal “truths”. Present opening is perhaps one, Christmas dinner (in some form) is maybe another. But one undeniable truth is that after early rising due to over eager present openers (which may be yourself) eating, drinking, present opening, more eating, chocolates, more chocolates and a bit of TV watching we inevitably begin to succumb to the Old Man Slumber.

There’s no telling what position you will be in when The Slumber overtakes you. Sitting, lying or even sometimes standing. Invariably you awake in one of the most uncomfortable arrangements possible. Arms, shoulders and necks aching from being twisted into abnormal positions of anti-yoga. Worst of all (especially on leather sofas) is the process of pealing yourself from the piece of furniture you’re attached to by home made dribble/sweat adhesive.

But it effects all, both old and young at Christmas time, so at around 16.00 in the afternoon, when you see grandpa nodding off two seats down, beware! You never know who The Slumber’s next victim will be…



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