On the eighth day of Christmas a Ninja sent to me…

8th Day

Eight Icicles sparkling, seven santas singing, six heroes playing, THE A-VEN-GERS, four mutant ninja, three Gummi bears, two vigilantes and a pirate chasing E.T.

So I had two options for tonight a Frozen rant (i.e. the film) or a weather rant. The Frozen one would have required more drawing, unfortunately I didn’t have time for that. So being British I’ll resort to talking about the weather. But the weather is all important at Christmas times (odds for a white Christmas anyone?)

So it’s winter and in England we don’t cope well with the weather. In the US or Europe they need several feet of snow, or a polar vortex for things to go down the plug hole. In England all we need is a bit of a gale and some rain. So last week the first real bout of winter weather arrived. There were some 70-80mph wind, quite a bit of rain, snow on higher ground and the papers dubbed it a weather bomb.

 A weather bomb? Surely a weather bomb is hailstones the size of footballs or hurricanes and tornadoes or so much snow you’re having to dig yourself out of your house from the third storey. But us Brits are all for exaggeration, especially when it comes to the weather, so weather bomb it is.

Wait for a couple of weeks when we have a bit of sleet and the temperature drops to -1 degrees and we’ll be hearing about the weather apocalypse.



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