On the sixth day of Christmas a Ninja sent to me…

6th Day001Six heroes playing, THE A-VEN-GERs, four mutant Ninja, three Gummi Bears, two vigilantes, and a Pirate chasing E.T….

So the TV’s on in the background, the Christmas jumpers are on and the chocolates are out. What else do we need? Board games!

Christmas is a time when we crack out the board games, not just those ones that might be played during the rest of the year, Snakes & Ladders, Cards, but those games that take hours and hours and hours. I’m still not sure why we do it to ourselves. Let’s take monopoly as an example…

With six players it takes hours. Removing someone from the game takes forever, like the equivalent of getting gladiators to fight to the death armed only with teaspoons. Even so, a normal game of monopoly isn’t too bad. Of course, then there are all the house rules people introduce, like bargains and letting people off rent and other crazy such things. It’s a game of business, and rather than being merciless, we let people off thinking that we’re being clever. Just blow them out of the water and get the game over with.

My worst experience with Monopoly was a six player affair. We started around 7.00 and slogged it out, some players hanging for well over an hour after they should have been bankrupted because people didn’t have the sense to put us out of our misery (I was one of those praying I landed on a hotelled Park Rd sooner rather than later). Finally, at around 10.30 four of six of us where dead and buried. Two remained (a husband and wife) who then decided it would be fun for us all to watch them play for another two hours until the game was finally won!

And there was much rejoicing…

Nevertheless, when Monopoly comes out at Christmas time we all say “Alright” to the question of “Do you want to play?” only to regret it an hour later. Let’s all look forward to it this year too.



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