On the third day of Christmas a Ninja sent to me….

3rd Day003

…Three Gummi Bears, two vigilantes and a Pirate chasing E.T.

So my blog’s infatuation with Gummi Bears aside, they represent another side of Christmas which we all love…


Be honest, who here has already started on their sweets/chocolates? I know we’re guilty as charged. But then the last few years we’ve saved all our chocolates etc. as long as possible only to be given more at Christmas and end up with the monumental task trying to polish off three tubs of Celebrations before New Year!

So we’re pacing ourselves this year. If nothing else we came up with the ingenious idea of eating our least favourite ones first. It helped us get to the good ones slower. Of course, once we got there they were gone in one night… at least we tried.



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