On the second day of Christmas a Ninja sent to me…

2nd Day

Two vigilantes, and a Pirate chasing E.T.

*Arrow Spoiler Alert*

So originally, my two Vigilantes for tonight were going to be Batman and the Arrow, but then Wednesday night changed everything! I mean, my goodness what happened!! Like, ok fine the fact that Ra’s al ghul stabbed him wasn’t necessarily surprising, I mean come on Ra’s was always going to win that sort of fight. Stabbings are something Arrow has come back from before. But the cliff… the cliff…. how do you come back from that. I mean those magical weeds (which we’ve not seen in a while) ain’t going to be any help from that sort of injury.

And the pause, the wait, as Ra’s went through his “last rites”. you were waiting for him to get up, for a retort, to stab him back, for something, but there was just nothing. Nothing but Ra’s and silence. This is the first time Arrow’s keep me up at night since I stopped having nightmares about Slade Wilson!

I must say, very excited for the second half of the season in January and to see how it all resolves.

This leads me to my second “vigilante”. There would some who would argue against Sherlock Holmes being represented as a vigilante, but I’m taking some liberties. The reason being, if anyone knows how to miraculously survive a fall from height then Sherlock is it (thinking here of the latest BBC incarnation of the series). I’m not sure we’ll ever find out how he made it… but I’m sure Moffat and Gatiss will enjoy teasing us some more with that one (even if we have to wait till next Christmas – i.e. 2015).

The question you’ll be asking is what has this got to do with Christmas? A lot of Christmas is about sitting down and watching our favourite TV shows. Unfortunately that means that we have to wait until the New Year to watch some of our other favourites (curse you mid-season breaks).

So make sure you’ve got your choccies and treats ready for the Christmas season to accompany those TV favourites. What will you be sitting down to watch over the Christmas period?



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