The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 25 – The Finale (pt 3)

Blog #41 - 07.12.2014


So remembering stuff is really important… like really important. I’ve had a few issues with forgetfulness recently and it always has a bigger impact on life than you think it will. So remember… remember… (starting to sound like Mufasa yet?) It seems Ninja Phil has forgotten some pretty crucial things recently and in the new year he’ll have a chance to atone for his mistakes. I’m sure most of you have forgotten about the Parrot too, and I’m sure you’ll all be frantically click back through things to find him. 

This week’s post was inspired (to some extent) by a famous scene from a classic BBC sitcom ‘Dad’s Army’. I’ve included the clip below, although I’m sure we’ll get to see it at some point over Christmas.


And so concludes The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Part I

Part II will commence on Jan 4th 2015 and it’s up to you how we kick things off. There are three mini story lines that I’ll be getting out of the way to begin with before I start the main story arc and I’ve created a little Poll for you to vote on which one you want to see first. They are:

1. Catch the Parrot 

2. E.T. phones home

3. The Evil Plan…

Simply make your choice and the one that gets the most votes wins. Of course, [shameless plug alert] the best way to ensure which one comes out on top is to get your friends to vote.

Come back over the weekend as Ninja Phil starts to get festive!




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