The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 25 – The Finale (pt 2)

Blog #40 - 03.12.2014


So think of you favourite action movie. There’s probably a high chance that at some point in that movie there’s a moment when the protagonist (or one them) reaches a point where s/he has to jump over a gap between skyscrapers, over a huge precipice, onto a fast moving vehicle, or something similar. There’s a moment of trepidation, of hesitation as s/he realises they might not make it. But then spurred on by their mission/quest/or the horde of bad guys on their heels, the character jumps and invariable makes it as easily as you or me would find jumping over a dog poo on the street (which as I’ll come is not as easy as it seems).

The only thing is, we all know that in real life that never happens. How many people have you seen on You’ve Been Framed that have tried to jump over white plastic garden furniture and face planted. Or how many home made bike/ski ramps have you seen that look sturdy and have caused monumental crashes! The truth is, whenever you really need to accomplish that all important jump your dexterity always fails you and you make a fool of your self. Another Hollywood lie!

The number of times I have jumped across a particularly large puddle thinking I’ll make it to the shallow end only for the ‘shallow’ end to be a lot deeper than I thought and getting a shoe full of water! (Of course, if you’ve got a hole in your shoe then a shoe full of water doesn’t really matter)

So this being a blog which portrays life as it really is, through the recounting of an eternal battle between Ninja and Pirates (the height of realism) I thought I would tell it how it is! Jumping as a last resort is never a good option.

And let me tell you this is not the first time the phrase ‘We’ll see about that!’ has backfired for the Blue Super Haribo Brother (those of you who know him know what I mean). Come back Sunday to see if Ninja Phil can discover the Pirate’s evil scheme.



 Postscript: So King Knightmare is finally revealed… he did escape 5 months ago! You’ll be getting to know him a little bit more in the new year (although you’ll wish you weren’t). Although a little later than planned here’s the finale part 2. As I mentioned part 3 will be up Sunday and then we can get festive… you have been warned. I’ve been struggling not to laugh at this week’s panels as well. In panel 5 it’s supposed to look like Ninja Phil is putting his hand up in warning. However it totally looks like he’s pushed the SHB over the edge. Haha!


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