The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 23 – The Trueman Effect

Blog #37 - 9.11.2014

Fred Trueman was, arguably, the greatest bowler to have ever played for Yorkshire and England. As such it is entirely appropriate that our own Yorkshire man should have in his possession an explosive cricket ball called ‘The Fred Trueman’. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with cricket your reaction to this week’s comic and Cheesecake boy running into bowl was probably the same as the Pirates. For those of you who don’t know who Fred Trueman then you should Google image search him. Hopefully, my depiction of Cheesecake boy’s hair flailing around wildly is a fitting tribute to Trueman. 

Trueman’s cricketing prowess aside, he was also a personality and more than one amusing anecdote can be shared from his career. One of my favourites is as follows: 

The England team of the Ashes series of 1962/63 included, as well as Fred Trueman, an ordained minister by the name of David Sheppard. Sheppard had taken a sabbatical in order to undertake the tour, and although he had a reasonable time with the bat, he had made a number of blunders in the field including a few important dropped catches.

 In the 4th Test he happened to drop an important catch off the bowling of Trueman. Fiery Fred in response is reported to have said to the minister something along the lines of “the only time your hands are together is on Sunday!” Other reports say that following this and other incidents it was reportedly said that Mrs. Sheppard was asked whether her husband would be willing to christen an Australian couple’s baby, but she advised against it because, she said, he would only drop it.

Anyway, in memory of that great Yorkshire man, Fred Trueman, our own Yorkshire man, wielding a cricketing relic (the first of many I may add) of immense power dealt with those pesky pirates once and for all. The question is, did J.T. survive her “brush” with a cannon ball? Find out next week.



Postscript: So this should have gone up on Remembrance Sunday, but due to the various things going on that weekend and then work this week I never got around to it. The explosion at the end was also supposed to be a shout out to Bonfire Night. There’s so much on in early November!!

So here it is finally, I’m actually working on this Sunday’s one as we speak, which knowing me will probably appear sometime on Wednesday… anyway enjoy.


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