The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 22 – Postman Pat

Blog #35 - 26.10.2014

In 2000, the Post Office dropped Postman Pat because he no longer fit with their “corporate image”. 

Because of course, Postman Pat represents a Postman who goes out his way to help the community, is friendly, kind, caring and above all, will do anything to make sure the post arrives on time! Of course, if in 2000, the Post Office felt that that wasn’t the way they would like to see Postmen represented then fair enough… I mean who on earth would want any of those things from a Postman!? It’s probably because Pat feels he’s a really happy man and I’m not sure the Post Office is very good at creating a happy working environment for its posties. 

I know a few Postmen, and I must say they are all fantastic individuals, every bit real life Postman Pats. I know we often complain about the direction the Post Office is going, especially since the government sold it, but I think once in a while we should remember our beloved Postmen, who risk fingers and flu to bring us our water and council tax bills and maybe, occasionally, something worthwhile.

Postmen, I salute you.

So next time you actually see your Postman, make sure something more passes between you than some post and the words “Can you sign here please”. And if you know any Postmen let them know that Ninja Phil appreciates their hard work, especially with Christmas around the corner.



Postscript: I’m writing a Postscript today because one of my readers told me that they are their favourite bit. (I don’t know what that says about the rest of my blog). Just wanted to give credit where credit was due. Thanks to the QI Elves on twitter (@qikipedia) for reminding me of the Post Office’s “sacking” of Postman Pat, and to Wikipedia for providing me the link to the BBC report on the topic. That’s all I have to say really!

Except of course, that whilst drawing, inking and colouring this comic I’ve been singing the Postman Pat theme tune incessantly!



  1. This may seem like a stupid question, but do you have a link to episode 1 of ninja Phil? I really enjoy them, but want to start from the beginning and can’t find a link to the first one on your site. Thanks!

    1. Not a stupid question, you see because I’m a part-time Ninja I’m really good at hiding things… even when I don’t mean to! Here’s the first one:

      I’m currently working on a page you can access from the menu that’ll give you all episodes in chronological order. Should be up at the end of this week if you can wait that long for easier navigating! Otherwise, if you click through the story line gets interrupted every time I go off on a tangent, which is all too often!

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