The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 21 – We’re Superheroes!!!

Blog #34 - 12.10.2014

Most Superheroes have quite individual powers, but occasionally you’ll see something repeated – super strength being a case in point. One thing that seems to come up all the time is a Superheroes ability to repeatedly shrug off incredible injuries (when appropriate). They get pounded and pounded and keep coming back, whilst meanwhile one flick and their run-of-a-mill enemies drop like flies. That is, most of the time… 

Have you ever noticed the following? A hero gets repeated punishment throughout a film, but that one time a bad guy manages to sneak up on the hero in question and tonks them round the head, they’re down like a sack of potatoes and out for the count. To be honest, this rule works both ways. In open battle everyone, above the level of minion or redshirt, just keep coming. But when the storyline calls for their incapacitation one mild slap does the trick.

My opinion is that they do it just to be fair. I mean life is all about give and take. Sometimes, you’ve just got to give your opponents a chance, even if it means faking unconsciousness once in a while so they can get ahead… that is before you smash them into to pieces after all. Obviously, our heroes have been paying attention to this time honoured code of conduct! Back to the fight!



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