The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 19 – I’m a Wizard Harri!

Blog #31 - 14.09.2014

Kids and grown-ups love them so, because owing to some previously unknown qualities Haribo Starmix Hearts have the ability to heal people! Of course with the help of a little magic. You heard it here first.

 That should revolutionise the drugs industry, although it’ll mean that packs of Starmix will go from being £1 in shops to about £5000 per gram, but that’s drug companies for you (or the results of the state of the economy, not sure which?). 

 The magic had to come from somewhere though and I couldn’t resist a little joke at Harry Potter’s expense. Can you imagine how the complexion of those books/films would have changed if Hagrid had been the Wizard instead of Harry… oh dear.

But there you have it. The answer to one of the many unresolved questions in the current story arc. There’s a little too much green in this post for my liking though, I think next week calls for a little Black and Red, if you know what I mean! Of course, that’ll be dependent upon the result of the Scottish indepedence vote tomorrow which may or may not require a little mention… we’ll see. All the best to everyone voting tomorrow!



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