The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 17 – The Big Reveal

Blog #29 - 31.08.2014

And the winner is… The Jamaican Titan or J.T. as she’ll be known for short. 

A big thanks to all those who entered the competition and don’t worry if you’ve been disappointed, the other entries have given me a wealth of inspiration for the coming weeks, months and hopefully years and I’m sure we’ll see some of them represented in the future. For now though, not only does J.T. tick the government imposed diversity boxes, she also means I finally have a super hero who wears their undies on the outside… a must really! We’ll be getting to know all about her very soon (we know she can smash through walls already at least).

But I’ll stop talking and let you see the original art work which inspired Ninja Phil’s final friend…

photo (33)

So come back next week as we’ve still got several unanswered questions!

What will happen to the Incredible H? Is the Green Super Haribo Brother alive? Can J.T. actually save Ninja Phil? What on earth has E.T. been doing all this time? and the biggest question of all… Can I actually manage to get a post finished on time? Haha



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