The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 15 – Moby

Blog #27 - 17.08.2014


Things had to escalate eventually. I mean if Ninja Phil, Cheesecake Boy and the Incredible H could take on 100+ Pirates at Headingley, adding the Super Haribo Brothers into the mixed would have meant 1000+ to cause any sort of problem and well, as much as I love drawing, 1000 pirates is a bit much for me and my stationary! 

And I know, I know I promised some of you the answer to the question you’ve all been asking, “Did that Super Haribo Brother really get shot?” The last three panels is the best you’re going to get this week… I’ll see what I can do next week though. 


Postscript: Entries for the competition have now been shortlisted, but I’m still accepting last minute contributions. Just in case you’ve got something up your sleeve. Get them in quick.


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