The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Interlude – A few hours earlier…


For those of you rushing to book a holiday to see the stunning cliffs, castles and sailing ships of Lancashire…don’t. To my knowledge Lancashire has none of these things. The only accurate part of this image is the grey clouds (I should have probably added some rain too). Don’t get me wrong. Lancashire is a beautiful county. Ok, it’s no Devon or Cumbria, Derbyshire or Northumbria, but it’s nice. However to see a castle like that you’ll have to head to the continent. But what do you expect, this is a comic, nothing in the comic is real. I mean I’m not even a Ninja (but then again a real Ninja would have to say that wouldn’t they 😉 ).

One thing I do know is that there are two people in Lancashire who wish there was a castle like that. They also wish they lived in it. We’ll be meeting them on Sunday.


PS. Do you have a favourite county?


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