The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 9 – Pirates Stopped Play

Blog #20 - 15.06.14

 I’m back!

(At least in a blogging sense, I’ve been back from America for over a week… but more on that in the postscript). 

When I sat down to draw this week’s comic, England had just started the 2nd test against Sri Lanka. At the end of the second day my prediction that England would be 49/3 (i.e. have scored 49 runs and lost 3 wickets for those of you unversed in cricketing lingo) seemed a gross misjudgment seeing as England were 106/1 at Lunch. But then all of sudden my comic became quasi-clairvoyant!

In England’s 2nd Innings they were reduced to 50/3! If they had lost that wicket just one run earlier I could have  claimed that my comic represented a real life version of Isaac Mendez’s drawings. Now that would have been a money spinner.

But alas, I was wrong (if only slightly) and indeed my other prediction did not come true either. There was no Pirate pitch invasion at Leeds, which was a shame. Mainly because despite Moeen Ali’s best efforts (he scored 108*) and James Anderson’s sterling efforts to not get out all came undone with just two balls left and Sri Lanka (deservedly) claimed their first ever test series victory in England.

But cricket’s funny like that. On any other day, the whole of yesterday’s play would have been rained off. Or play would have stopped because of bad light. But it’s an unwritten rule of being an England cricket fan that the weather can never be depended on to save a game you’re going to lose, but can always been depended upon to ruin a game you look like winning. 

What England needed yesterday was for 100+ pirates to invade the pitch in an attempt to defeat a pair of their arch nemeses: Ninja Phil & Cheesecake Boy (both of whom are avid cricket fans). “Like that was ever going to happen?!” I hear you cry. Well I assure you some pretty unexpected things have put an end to a game of cricket before.

In October 1984 a ODI between India and Pakistan was abandoned after news reached the ground that the Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi had been assassinated.

In 1975 a Test match between England and Australia had to be abandoned when vandals (who were campaigning for the release of  a minicab driver from London who had been imprisoned  for 20 years for armed robbery) tore up the pitch with knives and filled the holes with oil overnight.

And in 1939, in a period when Test matches did not end automatically after 5 days, England and South Africa decided to call it quits after 10 days of cricket with England only 42 runs short of winning. The reason? Because England couldn’t afford to play another day as otherwise they would have missed their boat back home!

Most recently, I discovered this one thanks to the Magazine The Cricketer. This incident involved Lancashire and Derbyshire in 1975. The second day of this three day match (played Saturday, Monday, Tuesday) was cancelled due to (according to one eye witness) 6 inches of snow! This wouldn’t have seemed so odd if the match hadn’t happened in the first week of June!

So maybe Pirates interfering with a game of Cricket isn’t that far fetched. But I can tell you, just like the England batsmen were yesterday, Ninja Phil and Cheesecake Boy will be feeling the heat in the middle!



Postscript: What a crazy few weeks it’s been. For those of you who don’t know on Thurs. 12th June I flew to Denver for a conference. I returned on Sun. 15th. The weekend just gone, there was another conference I was involved in. Add to that the conference that happened at the end of May and the one coming up at the beginning of July means that I’m a very busy individual. However, I’m trying my best to get my posts in.

This post should have gone up the week I was in Denver, which means that there should be another one for the weekend just gone and one for the weekend coming. My intention is that the one for the weekend just gone will get posted this coming weekend and that you’ll see the intended post for the weekend coming the middle of next week. Why the rush?

Well Sunday 31st August is the results weekend for our competition (enter if you haven’t already) and I’ve got a schedule to stick too! Hopefully normal service will be resumed very shortly, but keep an eye out over the next few days as there’ll be plenty going on here. Importantly, we’ll find out how Ninja Phil and Cheesecake Boy get out of this pickle and what on earth the Incredible H is up to!


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