Anatomy of a Superhero

Blog #18 - 01.06.14 (part 1)

So another hero revealed and another profile I had to steal from Mi8 (that’s the one that deals with superheroes) just to provide you with a bit more back ground information. One day we’ll have a whole set of character profiles… as long as I don’t get caught trying to get a hold of them! You’ll have to keep tuned to find out the information which has been obscured.

As a result of this I thought I would be appropriate to update the following.

Blog #18 - 01.06.14 (part 2)

So one slot out of 4 is now filled. But as most of you will know, the 4th Friend of Ninja Phil (the more I say that in my head the more it sounds like  a charity!) is still unknown to everyone, myself included. Hopefully, this should serve as a reminder to all of you who haven’t already done so or who never knew that if you would like your Superhero alter ego to appear as Ninja Phil’s 4th friend then all you have to do is enter our simple competition.

In other news, check back in the next couple of days for a little teaser for next weeks comic which will see the beginning of the story line that will lead up to the unveiling of Ninja Phil’s 2nd companion, and let me just say he’s a cracker!




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