The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 5 – The Incredible H

Blog #15 - 11.05.2014

Hello Ninja Fans! Sorry for the delay in posting, but as you can see this week’s post is pretty epic. And as such I’ll leave the comic to do the talking for itself. There is one thing I should say however.

Most of you will notice the Pirates of the Caribbean reference in today’s installment (I film which normally I enjoy, but when in Ninja mode I hate). But there’s also a reference to the book which was voted 89th in the BBCs top 100 books in 2003: The Magician by Raymond E. Feist. In my extremely humble opinion one of the best fantasy fiction books ever written. In the comic the Incredible H uses the phrase “Fear and Tremble for I am power”, which is an intentional misquoting of a phrase  used by Pug (the Chuck Norris of all Magicians) in the book as he is about to pretty much level an entire city in the space of a few minutes (He says, “Tremble and despair, for I am Power”).

Why the intentional misquoting? Well if I’m going to plagiarise one good book I might as well plagiarise the good book as well!  And Fear and Tremble always brings nice images of divine retribution (Philippians 2.12). So you can expect great things from our newest Hero. Come back on Sunday to see whether the Incredible H has dealt with the Pirate threat  or whether she won’t need a little help from Ninja Phil.



Postscript: Don’t forget, if you want to have a chance of seeing your hero alter-ego immortalised within the pages of the comic, enter our competition to find the final friend of Ninja Phil. For those of you who’ve already done so, remember to tell your friends or feel free to enter again if you have a new idea! 

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