Calling All Ninja – It’s competition time!!

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Evening All. A little interval in the story line provides me with an opportunity to present something exciting. With Ninja Phil free to embark on a quest to save his friends it’s time we found out who those friends are and here is a little teaser as to their identities. (Of course I can’t reveal them now… that would be telling). Over the next few months each friend(s) will be revealed. However, some of you may notice that friend number 4 is a little more cryptically disguised than the other sets. And this is because he/she/it is yet to be invented.

Here’s where the competition starts.

On Sunday 31st August 2014 Ninja Phil’s 4th companion in arms will be revealed to the world and it’s up to you to decide you he is! “How do I do that?” I hear you cry. All you have to do is put together a Hero profile of your own which can be as simple or complicated as you like. Pictures would be great. The only thing I ask is that you include the following pieces of information:

1. The Hero’s hero name (not that everyday John Smith type name – although he was pretty heroic in Pocahontas)

2. Your hero’s reason for disliking pirates

3. Any special powers or abilities they have

4. Their favourite colour.

Anything else is for you to decide, catchphrases, favourite foods, most embarrassing story etc. You can provide whatever information you wish. Once you’ve put together your hero simply email their profile to me at the following email address:

Multiple entries from a single person will be considered as long as each one is different (no spamming! unless that’s your superpower). Entries will be considered from people of all age groups and backgrounds (or should I say diversity groups… what’s that? No, I don’t mean the dance group, it’s a technical term) although a PRB (piratical records bureau) check will be conducted on all entrants.

The lucky winner will be revealed on Sunday 31st August when their Hero alter-ego will be immortalised on Here Be Ninja through the medium of crayola crayons and sharpie outlines and will continue from that day to fight for the right at the side of Ninja Phil and his friends. So if you’ve always dreamed of being a super hero, now’s your chance! It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Of course, to make the competition as exciting as possible we want everyone to hear about it so this is a plea to all you followers out there (and a shameless plug) to share this competition and the blog with everyone you know through whatever means are available. The more the merrier!

And remember to come back next week when the first of Phil’s friends will be revealed and when we’ll be hearing from a special guest here on the blog; someone with medical credentials shall we say.




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