The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 2 – Imprisoned!

Blog #11 - 13.04.2014

And so the story continues…For those of you who don’t know why Ninja Phil currently finds himself in prison, he was captured whilst trying to save some Gold medals from his Pirate nemesis Captain Jimbo at the Winter Olympics. And well, now he finds himself in a bit of pickle. 

However, today I wanted to highlight one of the “Bad Guy Fatal Mistakes”, which Captain Jimbo almost falls foul of in this comic

Bad Guy Fatal Mistake #47

Revealing the Plan

So you’ve got the hero of your story trapped in prison or suspended over a pool of man eating sharks or tied to a table as a laser slowly advances to slice him in two. There’s no possible way they’re going to escape, so you indulge yourself. What better way to make the hero’s last moments all the more excruciating than revealing your well thought out and flawless plan. Surely you want their last thoughts to be of their loved ones who are about to be blown up or the fact that due to their failings national security has been irrevocably compromised. And so with a Mwhahaha (aka evil chuckle/laugh) you reveal your dastardly plan in all its glory.

This of course is the fatal mistake.

The hero, who was moments ago discouraged, believing all was lost, on hearing your plan, is filled suddenly with the power to overcome whatever means you’ve contrived to removed them from the picture and once your back is turned (because of course it would be unwise to make sure the hero was dead before you moved on – see Bad Guy Fatal Mistake # 23) the hero will invariably escape.

Now of course, it wouldn’t be so bad if the hero didn’t have a clue what’s going on. After all they wouldn’t know where you’ve gone, what you’re planning next and because you’ve had them trapped in some remote place finding out simply where they need to go is a task which should buy you enough time to bring your plans to fruition.

However, because you felt the need to divulge not only the what but also the when, where and how, you’ve led the hero right to where they need to be, allowing them to appear at exactly that moment when it’s most inconvenient and save the day…again.

 So if you’re a Bad Guy and you’re reading this on your Ipad (or any other available tablet) whilst watching the bane of your existence dangling over the edge of a cliff, don’t let your ego get the better of you: keep shtum and get on with the task at hand. Tell the hero about the nuclear warhead or computer virus after its done its work, they’ll be just as disappointed and there’s no way of them fixing it once it’s done (unless of course they have the ability to manipulate time or like superman could – theoretically – fly faster than the speed of light and make time go backwards, in which case you should look for a new line of work because you’re always going to lose out to that guy). Your plan will work and, for once, your victory will be complete.

Watch out for this one next time you’re watching a movie. Captain Jimbo seems to have remembered this in the nick of time, but has he revealed too much? Is the knowledge that his friends are in danger going to be enough to spur Ninja Phil into escaping? Come back next week to find out whether or not he can pull it off.



Postscript: Those of you who are regulars may notice some minor changes to the blog’s structure, you’ll understand that these are early days and I’m still trying to iron out some particulars. However, I’ve be updated my ‘About’ page which should explain what I’ve done and help those of you who are new to the scene navigate around. And remember if you’re wanting to know exactly when a new post goes up follow me on Twitter @boothp1 or click on the follow button and enter your email address (I’m sorry if it’s difficult to find for you mobile users) and get notifications of new posts straight to your inbox. Because as you’ve learnt or will learn fairly quickly, I’m not too good at posting when I say I will haha!


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