Guest post from a 6 year old

blog 011

A little something mid week for you. So when I was shown this I thought ” ‘Fan Art’ already?” I mean I’ve only been blogging for a month or two. So instead I’m proud to present the first guest post for Here be Ninja… from my 6 yr old nephew! Quite clearly Ninja Phil has found an ally in his fight against Pirates (who also brought along a shield for him which I’m sure he appreciates). It’s also clear that it won’t be long before I’ll be usurped by an obviously talented artist (I’m 20+ yrs older than him and his drawings are already as good as mine!) 

The discovery of a friend also provides a nice prelude for this Sunday’s comic as Ninja Phil is going to receive a shocking revelation which he’s not going to be happy about. Come back later in the week for the next installment in the Adventures of Ninja Phil!




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