Blog #9 - 26.03.2014

When relationships end (don’t worry I’m not turning emo on you here), except when by mutual agreement (if that ever happens), there is inevitably a victim and a culprit, perhaps more commonly termed as the dumped and dumper (no toilet humour intended… ok maybe a little… ok there is). Although there is no right way to act the role of dumper there is certainly a wrong one. 

There will be some reading this who have been on the receiving end of a digital termination, or in other words those who have been “dumped” via text, IM, email, or any other method which avoids talking face to face with the person doing the dumping. Those who have been the target of such a cowardly act will testify as to how much worse this makes the whole experience; there’s no opportunity for questions; no opportunity to gauge the other person’s emotions; no opportunity to get angry or take the blow gracefully; and no place to use the relationship version of “You can’t fire me! I quit!”

I’m sure there are now people spitting at the screen or brooding menacingly or reaching for that battered photo and the darts again, but I’d now like to divert those emotions elsewhere.

Despite the current goings on in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world, the media’s attention and therefore our own has been drawn to the plight of Malaysian Airline flight MH370. Although I’ve not followed the story as closely as some I’ve been keeping an eye on developments and awaiting the day which we all knew would more than likely come; the day when they announced that the plane was lost at sea and the passengers were all dead.

That sad day came on Monday and my heart went out to those poor families for whom the worst was now confirmed. However, the following really disappointed me:

Text received by family members (via independent.co.uk)

 To be “dumped” via a text or something similar is one thing, but to be told that your loved ones are presumed dead, lost somewhere in the Indian Ocean, on board a plane whose disappearance still requires a great deal of explanation is something else. I appreciate the logistical challenges associated with informing the loved ones of a multinational group of airplane passengers must be vast. But a text message! Seriously, a text message!?

Not only a text message, but one that really does not convey much sense of condolence or sympathy. I mean Virgin Trains deeply regret that their service is late every time I get on one! To say the whole thing has been dealt with poorly is a massive understatement and I think the families affected deserve a lot more, given the circumstances. All this leads me to ponder when will the world start to remember that sometimes a text message, IM, email or whatever else just doesn’t cut it.

My heart felt condolences go out to those who lost loved ones in this tragedy and I apologise  that I’m only able to express this sympathy through another means of electronic communication. I also appreciate their response. Let’s hope that things can be resolved quickly and with a bit more concern for the emotions of others.



Postscript: It’s not often I feel the need to make things more serious, but this just pushed a button. And no I haven’t recently been dumped via an above mentioned means, the last time anything like this happened to me Facebook didn’t even exist. Shocking I know… but it’s true… there was a time when the world lived without Facebook.

My intended topic was supposed to be about Pizza, so come back next week and we’ll talk of stuffed crusts, pepperoni and of course Ninja.


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