The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 1 – Sochi (pt 4)

Blog #6 - 02.03.2014

So the Winter Olympics are over and the Winter Para-Olympics are just beginning – as are our hero’s troubles.I always enjoy the Winter Olympics. It has an amazing ability to create moments which will stick in your memory forever (especially when Disney makes a movie about it). Whether it’s Eddie the Eagle, Torvill & Dean or the Jamaican bobsleigh team, every year there seems to be some event or story which grabs your attention.

So if you’ll indulge me, I’ll run through my top 3 Winter Olympic moments from 2014:

Sochi 2014 Day 7 - Figure Skating Men Short Program

3. I happened to switch on the Olympics one day, not intending to really watch anything (and certainly not figure skating), but I found myself watching the stuff, lulled into it like a game of Snooker. The competitor who I ended up watching was one Michael Christian Martinez a 17 year old  Filipino and the only person from the Philippines to compete in this year’s (or any year’s I believe) Winter Olympics. He took up skating after he saw a Ice Rink in a shopping mall as a child and told his Mum he wanted to skate. I don’t know whether it was because of the story (you know just like X-factor) but I thought his skating was phenomenal (and that’s saying something coming from a Ninja, although I respect the acrobatic side of it, figure skating is not usually my cup of tea). The judges didn’t like it for some reason… he finished 19th!

2. In second place, it has to be Lizzy Yarnold winning gold in the Skeleton Bob. This is for purely patriotic reasons if I’m honest. After all no one likes watching a sport where there’s no chance of the person/team you like winning anything. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Curling (another Snooker like sport) but I think second place  (ironically) has to go to Lizzy purely for the fact that she actually won gold. I hope there’s a Post box out there somewhere about to be painted!

1. And finally in first place for a classic Winter Olympics moment was this… One thing which the Winter Olympic does better than the normal Olympics is crashes. And that was certainly the case this year. Whether it was Snowboarding, Figure Skating, Bobsleigh or Skiing there were some pretty epic displays face planting, slipping, tripping and just plain old Wipeouts. But by far the best was this moment from the Ski Cross quarter-finals. Enjoy:

Over all, from what I saw it was a excellent Olympics. There is however one thing that I’m disappointed about.

For these athletes (and this goes even more so for the Para-Olympians who are just getting started) this is the high point of four years of intense training, a moment to really excel and prove to themselves what they can achieve at, arguably, the biggest competition for their respective sports.

But in 30 years time, we won’t remember that it was the year that Lizzy Yarnold won gold, or that it was the year that the first ever Filipino competed at the Winter Olympics, neither will we remember all the moments of hilarity. Nope, what we will all remember about the Winter Olympics 2014 was that when Putin saw his schedule and realised there was a gap between the end of the Olympics and start of the Para-Olympics he decided that he’d use the time to, for all extent and purposes, invade Crimea.

Now I won’t go into my thoughts/feelings on the subject of what’s happening since I don’t want to have a proper rant, and even though I reserve some judgement to see what happens on 16th March (and thereafter for that matter), I think there are a lot of people who have been let down by the international community at large (yes, I’m pointing a finger at a lot more people than Russia, although if I had one finger bigger than the rest that would certainly be pointed at them – and before you say it my middle finger doesn’t count; it’s longer not bigger).

I just hope that things can be sorted out so that the life of those living in the Ukraine, whatever that country now constitutes, can return to relative normality and so certain world leaders can start thinking about solving problems in countries where things are a lot worse than Ukraine and where there aren’t quite so many secret agendas (Syrian and a fair few African countries spring to mind, I’m not sure why).

Political rant over.  Back to the main event. Today’s comic, I hope, serves as tribute to the sporting spectacular we were, and still are, allowed to be part of. So a big shout out to all those athletes who competed. If you had a favourite Olympic moment, feel free to share it in the comments section below – I’d like to hear it. Of course, I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going to happen to Ninja Phil now he’s been arrested by the Russian police? Well you’ll just have to wait and see.



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