The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 1 – Sochi (pt 3)


Blog #5 - 23.02.2014

And so with the Winter Olympics over our adventure there continues, and finally he’s here: Teenage Mormon Ninja Phil. A man shrouded in mystery whose history will be divulged (to some extent) over the coming weeks. But now to the matter at hand…

The battle between Pirate and Ninja has raged on for centuries, both battling for supremacy of the world, fighting their war in a myriad of different places and times. There are many theories as to how this war started (some of which are shown below) but the truth is that the original spark that has led to this raging bonfire of conflict has been lost (although there is for sure a Buddhist monk in the Himalayas who knows the answer – let’s face it there’s a Buddhist monk somewhere who knows the answer to everything).

And so with our Hero revealed and battle joined it’s time to draw the battle lines and decide which side you’ll stand on. Will you side with Dr McNinja or Blackbeard? Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo & Raphael or Jack Sparrow (And ladies don’t let this sway your answers. Remember it would have never worked out anyway and we have Pizza)

So what is it Pirate or Ninja?



Postscript: First of all apologies for being a little behind on posting/current affairs (i.e. the Winter Olympics have finished and I’m still on about it), but hey who cares… wait you do? Oh wait I didn’t mean…please come … dammit.

As promised though here are some theories surrounding the history of the war. There’s a webcomic I’ve followed on and off for many years now. Lately the creators have been concentrating on their ‘The Adventures of  Dwarf & Elf (and Weretiger!)’ but once upon a time O (the artist, yes that’s his name) put some theories forward on the history of the above mentioned conflict and here they are if you’d like to take a look (the one with the Koalas is the best):



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