The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 1 – Sochi (pt 2)


Blog #4 - 17.02.2014

Two weeks into the Winter Olympics and our hero still isn’t there yet! He’s going to have to get his wriggle on to get there before it finishes. Of course, the Ninja alter-ego hasn’t made an appearance yet either. Someone who has made a perhaps surprising appearance is ET, something I’m sure you’re all puzzling over. 

I don’t remember the first time I watched the film ET, hell the film was old enough to go to school when I was born, but I do remember watching it as a child and it certainly left an impression. One thing I’ll never forget is  the majority of the film scared the living daylights out of me! Seriously, it’s supposed to be PG.

Laugh all you like, but the scene when Elliot first finds ET in his backyard is pretty creepy. However that is nothing compared to all the crazy scientists in the suits at the end. All in all it’s enough to make a child wet the bed!

Now I can’t deny that I was perhaps an overly sensitive child when it came to movies, I did cry after all when that Ewok’s friend wouldn’t stand up after being blasted by a Chicken Walker in Return of the Jedi. So maybe it’s just me. But I can’t help but think that ET has stuck in my memory for this reason. Or perhaps there are others…

Reece’s Pieces are viewed in a completely different light after watching ET, and I wonder whether research would reveal that our increased interest in Halloween on the other side of the “pond” stems from the fact that we’re a generation who grew up with the idea that Halloween was a day when hordes of children roamed the streets begging for sweets accompanied by their alien best friend dressed as a Ghost (which sounds a tad better than groups of children huddling together with adults to walk through the pitch black and torrential rain hoping that the little kids don’t get abducted and the person whose door you’re about to knock actually remembered it was Halloween).

Or maybe the knowledge that by simply gluing some wires to a Record player and adding in a Speak & Spell, a Can and a Circular saw I can communicate with Extra Terrestrial life (although that sounds more like something you’d see on Robot Wars).

Ultimately, ETs success as a film comes down to the simple fact that kids think bikes are cool. And what could be cooler than out running the police (who have cars) on your little bike? Spielberg has the answer! Breaking out of a police blockade by using your alien best mate to fly! That’s what’s cooler!

And so ET is indelibly linked with childhood. Well with my childhood anyway. So what better way to get Ninja Phil to Sochi than by bringing our good old friend ET back from the 80s and putting him to good use.

Remember “Beeeee Gooooood”



Postscript: There may be some of you reading this who missed the ET phenomenon and only know him by his catch phrase (yes the one with the phone). Well if you haven’t watched ET I can only say one thing …

Shame on you!



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