The NSA are coming for you Angry Bird lovers!

Blog Post #2 - 04.02.2014

Ok, ok I know, I promised Ninjas and I’ve already gotten distracted with something else! 

The following news report popped up last week though and I just couldn’t resist.

This comes as the latest addition to news about the NSA and GCHQ spying on us. I think this latest revelation, however, reveals the true motivation behind it all.

Barack Obama is obviously a very competitive person. And with Merkel holed up in a hospital for a few weeks after Christmas after her skiing accident and Kim Jong-un not having to worry about this Uncle anymore after he was “removed” from office and Snowden chilling out in Russia with Putin who obviously has nothing to worry about at the minute (aside from school shootings, terrorists and the Winter Olympics), it only makes sense that the four of them have overtaken the President in their Angry Birds ranking.

Naturally, Barack’s not happy. And so simply put, all this hacking and spying is simply  a cover for him to find out what he really wants to know: who’s better than him at Angry Birds. 

So don’t worry that the American and British governments may have every password to everything you ever use on the internet. Don’t worry if they’ve got all your bank details. Don’t worry if they know where you sleep at night. Because all this information is worthless to them. As long as you’re not better than the President at Angry Birds they don’t care about you.

Of course, if you are better than him, watch out…

they’re coming for you!



Postscript: want to know when the next comic is going up? Just click on the follow button in the bottom right hand corner. Don’t worry about giving away your details… the NSA already has them anyway!

Otherwise, check back at the beginning of next week when there’ll actually be some Ninja goodness (although the observant among you will have seen some Ninja goodness this week)



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