In the beginning there were Ninjas…


Blog Post # 1 - 26.01.2013

“In the beginning there were Ninjas.” This often forgotten verse of Genesis may seem unfamiliar to most of you. However, the reason for its absence from most versions of the Bible is obvious… but we’ll get on to that. Let us begin with a story.

Once upon I time, following that seemingly eternal break at the end your exams when you have nothing to do, I embarked upon a special enterprise which entertained myself and a pair of my flatmates. I began drawing comics.

The protagonist of these comics was myself, in Ninja form, and although many years have passed now since I last set pencil to paper I’ve decided to resurrect the past and once again apply myself to the production of the occasional sketch-come-comic. As the above image suggests, these are not intended to be works of art, nor in fact anything a 4 yr old couldn’t better, but simply a chance for me to indulge in a favourite past time of mine and perhaps for some others of you to indulge along with me.

And our subject — the humble Ninja (although I am known to make frequent and lengthy journeys into the tangential at times!)

Why Ninjas I hear you ask?

Well Ninjas are a part of all our lives. You may not know it, but we come in contact with them everyday. It may be your boss, or that quiet bloke sitting in the corner of your office, the old lady you always see waiting for a bus or even the milkman. You may not even realise it, but you yourself could be a Ninja. For in each of us lies dormant the predisposition to Ninja-hood. It first exhibits itself in young children as they engage in the seemingly harmless game of Peek-a-boo. But in adulthood the Ninja is revealed when we take amusement in springing out from some undisclosed hiding place making our target scream in alarm and invariably spill their cup of tea; or as we disappear up a crowded side street to avoid an awkward conversation with a friend who isn’t really one; or when we freeze inside the toilet cubicle not daring to make a sound because we do not wish the embarrassment that comes with having your presence revealed to the unfortunate soul who just occupied the cubicle next door.

Indeed, there lives inside each of us a Ninja, whether we are aware of it or not. There have always been Ninjas and there always will be Ninjas, indeed in the beginning there were Ninjas… it is just that only a few have noticed.

And of course, they wouldn’t have been very good Ninjas if they’d been noticed.



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