Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine Vol.2 – Ep 16 –


You can always trust the Green Super Haribo Brother to come to the rescue! But those of you who know what’s gone on in the past, will know that he doesn’t have the best history where guns are involved. We don’t like those things!

Phil (more…)

Lockdown Blurring

A little something to celebrate my return to comicing, to thank you guys for the support in coming back (I know you like these), and something from a conversation that genuinely occured last week between myself and my now 7 year old son. I think we’ve all been there at some point in the last few weeks. Lockdown has a tendency to blur things together without all of our usual routines to help us remember what day it is. I’m working from home at the moment (or trying to when I’m not having these conversations) so at least I’ve got something to differentiate between five working lockdown days and two non-working lockdown days… realistically though the only real change at the weekend is that I don’t have to do Joe Wicks! Haha!

Stay safe people!


Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine Vol.2 – Ep 14 – Fart Attack!!

And we’re back!! Whoop! And guess what? We’re picking up where we left off… with the fart jokes. Yes, I know, I know, you thought two years away from comicing would cure me of my child like obsessions… but I’m sorry, it didn’t. And let’s be honest, we’ve all been there where we eat something too spicy and fart uncontrollably for a few days hours, which is fine. That is, as long as you’re not fighting a super villain or entertaining the in-laws (things I can’t relate to because I don’t actually fight super villains and don’t entertain in-laws… they find me really boring).


PS. If you’re lost, check out this episode for context.

I’m BACK!!! (I think)

I’m back!!! Well at least I think I am. I last posted a comic in August of 2018, but now, for the first time in almost two years I’m back to drawing again and excited about finally finishing the storylines and entertainment which I’ve left unfinished for so long. Short story here:

I’ve been stupidly busy, and now I’m less so. As a result, comicing is back on the table (hopefully). So here’s the plan…

Step 1. I’ll be reposting comics from the Ninja Phil and the Naughty Nine Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 over the next few weeks on social media, so keep an eye on those to remind yourself of what’s going on… if you’re that way inclined.
Step 2. ETA for the first new comic is Monday 18th May!! Put it in your diaries which I’m sure are overflowing with other plans at the moment!
Step 3. Thereafter, the plan is to put something up twice a week. On Mondays I’ll be posting a new episode of the comic. On Thursdays, I’ll be trying to bring you something new from the stories of Ninja Dad or other random stuff (though I may end up reposting some old classics in the event that two comics a week doesn’t work out).

So there you have it!! Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy this little foray into Ninja Phil’s house in the meantime. It was good to get the band back together, figure out whether my new scanner was working, and to check that I could still draw. Hope you’re all well in these crazy times!


(Keep reading if you want the slightly fuller story of where I’ve been)