Interlude – It’s a small world

That’s one down… eight to go! And the next of the Naughty Nine looks particularly… well naughty 😉

There was much debate as to what song would represent that ultimate torture for the evil-genius musician. The Birdie Song was one option, but for sheer repetitive cringe worthiness it had to be “It’s a small world after all”. Look, he’s gone mad already!

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Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 8 – Hammer Time!

We’ve had some musical greats over the last few weeks:

Michael Jackson, Queen, Carl Douglas, Diana Ross/Lionel Ritchie, Celine Dion.

But none quite so great as the mighty MC Hammer 😉 Can’t touch this.

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Why do we vote?

I thought I wouldn’t get to do this idea for a comic for another three years, but you know strong and stable government and elections every two years can be great for comic artists! HA! As usual with my Ninja Dad (or in this case Ninja Mum) stuff this is inspired by a real life question asked by our son on polling day five two years ago. As way of explanation, Morecambe is a town just up the road. A kid’s sense of geography is quite entertaining though I think we’re just about there in having him understand what England is… I think.