Classic Appeasement Post

Yo peeps. Another week of plenty of doodling*… but without finishing anything new (for you guys). So here’s an appeasement post. The other day a friend’s site crashed (check it out here, watch the swearing) and so I had a panic backup comics moment and then realised I draw all these things on paper so they’re like already backed up in something called “real-life”, that’s a thing apparently. Anyway, it let me see some of my classic comic moments and I thought I’d dump one of my favourite story arcs into one post. Enjoy.


From The Adventures of Ninja Phil Season II. Following the escape of King Knightmare, the Incredible H (before she blew up in outer space) and the Jamaican Titan track down Cap’n Jimbo’s parrot in the hope that apprehending the bird will prevent it from spying on the team and give them a lead as to Cap’n Jimbo’s whereabouts… (with Alfred Hitchcock & Star Wars references)



Yo peeps! Sorry, no new comic this week. It’s been a crazy last two weeks and in fact I may end up missing a couple of other weeks (we’ll see) because of other things I’ve got going on. Primarily, this is drawing comics for actual real life people (for sentimental purposes), which is actually pretty cool because that’s how I started out with comicing in the first place, drawing random stuff for friends in my first year of Uni. I have, however, only a limited time for comics each week so drawing comics for other people means no comics for you lot. Soz!

Peace offering. You Twitter folk will know this, but I participate in a monthly drawing challenge called Animaloons, which essentially involves drawing balloon animals… well animal balloons really… well animals inflated in someway (usually involving Helium). It’s called animaloons and its good fun. We draw these for the 2nd Tuesday of every month and today is Giraffeloon day (Happy Giraffeloon day everyone!). And as such, I thought I’d show you some of my Animaloons from the last few months. Brace yourselves for some madness 😀


Feel sorry for this guy. Another reason to wash your hands and wear a mask if Coronavirus wasn’t enough already.


Funny vs Embarrassing

If you’re a parent, or spent a lot of time around young kids, you’ve been there. You try to teach them how to say something cute, they say something funny instead, you encourage it, it gets you plenty of giggles around the house… and then they say it a absolute stranger, completely out of context.